About Flora Pittsburghensis

This site is slowly building a systematic photographic catalogue of the wild flowers and other plants of the Pittsburgh region. Obviously, this is a long-term project with no end in sight.

You can begin at the Families page, and from there move down to genera and species. If you’re looking for a particular plant whose name you already know, use the search box at the bottom of every page.

Right now, the Flora Pittsburghensis blog, which is somewhat disorganized but pretty to look at, has more pictures and more species.

Comments are always welcome.

Using these pictures: The photographs and drawings on this site are by Christopher Bailey, who grants permission to reuse them (preferably with credit) on any noncommercial Web site. Requests for permission to use the pictures in print, or for commercial purposes, may be made as comments, here or on the articles where the photographs appear. Some of the photographs have been donated to Wikimedia Commons (you can tell by the URL of the picture itself); those are all under a public-domain-equivalent license, so use them any way you like.

Do not depreciate any pursuit which leads men to contemplate the works of their Creator. The Linnaean traveller has in his pursuit an object that occupies his time, and fills his mind, and satisfies his heart. Nor is the pleasure which he partakes in investigating the structure of a plant, less pure, or less worthy than what you derive from perusing the noblest productions of human genius.


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